Distilled Water vs. Spring Water

I am often asked about distilled water, vs. spring water. Distilled water is pure H20. Contrary to popular belief our bodies do not assimilate the inorganic minerals that are in spring water or any other type of water other than distilled water. Rain water is distilled water also but in a polluted environment may uptake some of the environmental pollution.

The job of fruits and vegetables is to convert the inorganic minerals in the earth to organic minerals which our body can assimilate. If we could assimilate inorganic minerals we could suck on rusty nails to get our iron requirements or eat dolomite and stones to get calcium and magnesium. In fact the inorganic minerals in non distilled water are stone-like and leading to deposits in the joints which cause stiffness and plaque in the vascular system which causes arthrosclerosis.

I use the waterwise 4000 which makes up to two gallons a day of pure H20 distilled water. After making 5 gallons of water my distiller has about a tablespoon of stone like material left behind…better in the distiller than in my body. The average person can easily take in several pounds of stone like material in a twenty to thirty year period of time.

The myth that distilled water leaches minerals out of the body is simply that, a myth. It is important to restructure the water after it is distilled by adding a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, crystal energy or shaking the water back and forth in a glass container. Peter Ragnar who is close to 80 and can bend steal horseshoes with his bare hands, Dr. Norman Walker who lived to the age of 116 and Paul Brag who died body surfing at age 90 due to a blow to the head by a surfboard all drank distilled water.

You can contact me drgeorgecromack@hotmail.com for a coupon code and further discount on all water distillers featured in the appliance section of my site. I like the waterwise distillers as they are economical, do a good job and are dependable.


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