About Renew Yourself

Renew Yourself: Keys to Rejuvenation and Youthing, written by  Dr. George Cromack , is available in paperback  Dr. Cromack relies on his background as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, sports physiologist, and live food advocate,  to deliver a lively synthesis of practical health related information.  Dr. Cromack maintains the site  www.RenewYourself.net to assist  people in getting health related Supplements, Superfoods, and Appliances  at a discount price.  He  does regular workshops, youtube demos, and talks, as well as phone coaching.


One Response to About Renew Yourself

  1. hello,l’m looking for a quality water distillar with a glass bottom,to make about 7 gallons at a time to keep the water clean, and also kosher pack minerals to add to the water,this is really em as we are sick from the bpa plastic bottles from poland spring water,we use to use the 5 gallon bottles,but switch when we couldn’t pay the bill,at least the bill was paid,we are a family of 6 who keeps shabbos and holidays,cooks for our quests. what would you suggest? we await your reply,thanks,l’m taking insulin now,we hope tem,yours,serel maness

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